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FBA Cost Per Unit

$1.25 per unit for 1-1250 items




+10,000 please call for details

* See below

Fragile Items: Glass, Ceramic, ETC.

$1.75 for small box-shoe box

$1.00 for bubble wrap

$1.00 for Bubble Mailers 14x12 and smaller

$0.50 for bubble bags/per bag

Poly Bags

$.25 for a small bag up to 4x6

$.50 for 6x9 up to 8x14

$1.00 8x14 up to 16x16

$2.00 anything larger than 16x16

Poly Shipping Bags

$1.00 per bag from medium to small 6x9

$1.50 for large 8x14


Shoes $2.50 a pair

$15.00 for pallets

Adult items, hazmat, storage, bulk, and others will always be considered. We will make every effort to accommodate you and your needs.

Storage fees are $0.65 per sq/ft per 2 week period. Enforced after items are dormant more than 2 weeks.

                         FBM Cost
$3.00 For a single unit shipped out in factory packaging. 
$5.00 If the item is over 20lbs by itself 
$1.25 for a 2nd item to the same customer
$2.50 box charge minimum. otherwise refer to our box fees
$.50 if we have to convert the label you send over to a 4x6 label
Example: 1 item in factory packaging $3.00 
Example: 1 item in a box we supply would be $5.50
Example: 1 item over 20 lbs in the factory packaging $5.00
Example: 2 items in their factory packaging sent to the same customer at one time $6.00


$1.00 per item

This includes: receiving, inspection, pictures, recommendations, and support.

Shipping Boxes

$2.50 for replacement shoe box

$2.50 for medium (18x18x16)

$3.00 for large (18x18x24)

$3.75 for XL (24x18x24)

These prices reflect a new unused box. No charge for recycled or usage of the same box the product arrived in.

Used Books

$2.50 per book

If it has extra contents that need bagged we will have to charge for a $1 poly bag

* Cost per unit includes: Receiving, inspection, label removal, and FNSKU, fragile, suffocation warning, single unit, DO NOT OPEN labeling.

** All items are received as individual items unless they arrived pre bundled. No exceptions!

*** Invoices are due within 5 days of receipt, late fees of 5% per day incur after that; after 30 days the late fees increase to 15% per day until paid in full.

**** Fees subject to change without notice.

***** All items left at the prep center longer than 30 days, unless agreed upon ahead of time, will be disposed of.

****** Please do not expect free labor/supplies, we are all trying to run honest businesses.

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